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SeekerDNA Test Your Drink

SeekerDNA Test Your Drink

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Do you worry that your drink has been spiked? Preventing drink spiking is a priority for us at SeekerDNA UK. These strips are for you. Super easy to use and can detect over 10 drugs such as Rohypnol, GHB, Ecstasy, LSD and Ketamine. #imspikesavvy are you?

  • 4 strips
  • Free credit card sized holder with swabs and instructions
  • Easy to use, carry in phone case, purse or wallet
  • Postage reduced for this product to £1.50 for up to 2 packs.
  • Available for subscription purchase, pay monthly, receive quarterly (coming soon)
  • Available for Corporate Social Responsibility purposes, please contact us
  • How to use your strips