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Press Release - Asset Marking







A unique DNA asset marking kit designed specifically for household and personal possessions is set to deter theft across the UK.






The SeekerDNA Asset Marking Kit can protect anything from bikes to boats, tools to TVs, computers to caravans – all can be marked with a UV glue containing a unique synthetic DNA strand registered only to the owner.






“This unique kit brings about peace of mind and helps deter thieves,” says Emma Wall, retail director of SeekerDNA UK, based in Bridgnorth.






“It is very affordable and so easy to use - you just buy a pack, mark your property, register your items on the website for free and it’s all done.






“Police can scan stolen property with a UV torch, identify the item as stolen and then forensically test an identified DNA sample if needed, to identify the owner from our database






“You just have to update your property details any time you need too, free of charge, and there is no annual subscription.”






For further information and to order a kit contact or call 01384 90 40 20.






Further information about the SeekerDNA Asset Marking Kit is available at and the kit can be bought online.


Press information: Liz Roseblade, SeekerDNA UK Communications Manager, telephone 01384 904020.


Emma Wall is available for telephone and personal interview, please contact Liz Roseblade to arrange.