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Press Release - Student Kit




A new student protection kit aimed at keeping students safe with a DNA marking system will be launched this summer – and is being tagged as a 'must-have' by its distributors to combat the growth in sexual molestation, property theft and drink spiking.


According to national research conducted by numerous agencies an estimated one in three students are sexually molested or raped  - and drink spiking is on the increase.


The SeekerDNA Student Protection Kit contains three items, including a personal defence spray, with a DNA trace unique to each product that marks the assailant, a DNA glue to mark personal possessions and a drink test strip to combat a growing trend of vulnerable students having their drinks spiked.


SeekerDNA UK retail director Emma Wall, a martial arts black belt and expert on personal defence, says the kit should be on the list of 'essentials' for any youngsters planning to go to college or university later this year.


“All parents with offspring heading into higher education this year will naturally be concerned about their welfare and a personal defence kit should be right up there on the list of essentials for their new lives away from home,” says Emma.


“The SeekerDNA Student Protection Kit items can be bought separately or in a complete kit which costs just £42.99 which is a good deal less than a new laptop or a decent pair of trainers – and how can we even put a price on the safety of young people?


“It's a sad fact but research shows that a staggering one in three students in the UK experience drink spiking, assault, theft of personal possessions or rape and that’s just the reported offences.


“We don't claim we can prevent this – but we can help students protect themselves AND bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice thanks to our unique DNA marking system.


“The products in each kit incorporate a unique synthetic DNA code that is particular to each  individual product and this can be traced via forensic testing in an investigation.


“Assailants are indelibly marked by the unique synthetic DNA UV spray within the attack alarm, which puts them at the scene of a crime, and the code within the DNA glue helps trace personal items and get them returned to their rightful owners.


“As a teacher of martial artists I encourage everyone to learn how keep themselves safe – but even a black belt can be floored by a spiked drink.”


Emma Wall has trained in judo and jujitsu from the age of 13. Reaching the grade of second Dan, she has always put the protection of people at the top of her agenda, teaching and coaching the martial arts for more than two decades.


Further information about the SeekerDNA Student Protection Kit is available at and the kit can be bought online.


Press information: Liz Roseblade, SeekerDNA Communications Manager, telephone 01384 904020.


Emma Wall is available for telephone and personal interview, please contact Liz Roseblade to arrange.




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