SeekerDNA specialises in products to protect the vulnerable and the valuable

About Us

SeekerDNA are passionate about protecting the vulnerable and the valuable.

Rather than starting with who or what we are, let us tell you why we do what we do?

We want to provide peace of mind to all people who feel worried or threatened for themselves or their property. To do that, we have developed with the help of our partners; products that we think will support that mission.

Many of our products were developed from commercial applications at SeekerDNA and then we thought, what if? Our SeekerDNA Personal Defence Spray was developed from our SeekerDNA Mistguard, which is a commercial synthetic DNA marking system for shops, warehouses and other commercial properties to deter theft. If caught, the thief will be marked with a UV mist containing a unique to the property synthetic DNA marker. This provides undoubted proof they were there at the scene of the crime.

My name is Emma and I'm an ex-martial artist who used to spend a lot of time teaching people how not to put themselves in situations, and if they did, how to minimise the risk and damage to themselves. However, during my tenure training people, many stories of date rape, unavoidable attacks and situations where students were in danger in their own hall of residence from a 'friend' made me mad.
A lot of them went unreported, why? Because the system always puts the burden of proof on the victim and why would they report it when they are the ones cast into doubt? When I heard of the SeekerDNA Mistguard, I asked if it could be made smaller, to mark would-be attackers and so the SeekerDNA Personal Defence Spray was born. We also sourced SeekerDNA Test Your Drink strips because of these stories.
I thought to myself about how can we prevent the situations and how can we provide absolute proof that someone had either spiked a drink, or at the worst scenario, assaulted someone? I have to say, there is no way I could protect myself, knowing what I know, if I had been drugged. I might be able to minimise the damage to me if I was attacked, but I certainly could not come out unscathed or be able to prove and identify the person.

This is why I became involved with SeekerDNA in the first place, their passion to protect the vulnerable and valuable through innovative products is fantastic and SeekerDNA are constantly striving to develop new products to help with this. Check out our shop and keep an eye out for new products!

SeekerDNA UK protecting you and your property through innovative products, unique only to you.