SeekerDNA specialises in products to protect the vulnerable and the valuable


All our products are designed to protect the vulnerable and your valuables.
Students are one of the vulnerable groups and we have a specially designed kit to set them up to reduce theft of property and deter would be attackers. We also have a handy, carry in your phone case, card to detect drink spiking. So parents, if you're worried about your off spring, this is the kit for you! And as an added value, it can be used in your home too.

Our marking products all contain a unique DNA strand with a UV marker that’s almost invisible. The DNA strand is unique to each product you buy. We don’t charge a subscription fee to enter your details from the product onto our secure database. One pack, one unique DNA strand, one price and you can change your items on the site any time you want. Your property is marked and, if recovered, it can be returned.

Our mission is to provide peace of mind to all people who feel worried or threatened for themselves or their property.

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