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Launch of products in social media with thought provoking footage videos.

We've released our videos today on our YouTube channel SeekerDNA UK.

The first of which dramatises the senario many women (and men) find themselves in after a night out with someone. Consent is not given, so they use their SeekerDNA Personal Defence Spray to mark them and give an alarm to friends in the building.

Click here to view it

The second, a real situation many of our friends have experienced, being spiked while out for a drink. Again, it's a crime to spike someone's drink and also happens more often than you think. It can also lead to the rape or attack or theft of your property. Are you #spikesavvy? Get your SeekerDNA Test Your Drink kit.

View the video by clicking here.

And you can see some behind the scenes interview with our actress and singer Ella Watt and the effects of Drink spiking for her friend.

Click here to watch the interview

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