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Drink spiking on the increase again

Drink spiking is on the increase again, it is getting increasingly common for people to have their drinks spiked and yet hospitals do not believe them when they say they've only had one drink because they can't prove they had their drink spiked.

What will it take for people to be kept safe by the drinking establishments they go to or the friends they have around them not to do it for a joke? Someone dying?

Most recently a friend of mine had her drink spiked by her friends. They thought it was for a joke, well the joke was on them when she had a seizure. The problem with drink spiking like this for a joke is that you don't know if someone has a medical weakness that will trigger something more catastrophic in a person. Please don't do it, even if you think its funny!

Here are a few pointers about looking after yourself and your friends while out or at a house party.

  • Watch drinks being made
  • Cover your drink while walking around
  • Do not leave your drink unattended or with someone else (who may not watch yours!)
  • Test your Drink if you leave it unattended with the SeekerDNA Test Your Drink card.
  • If spiked and you have drunk some, keep the drink and the card and report it! Get medical and police help.

Let's get this out there and prevent drink spiking from happening. Please share this blog as much as you can. #imspikesavvy are you?