SeekerDNA specialises in products to protect the vulnerable and the valuable

Bridgnorth Pub leading the way

The Friars Inn in Bridgnorth, Shropshire has become the first pub to offer our SeekerDNA Test Your Drink cards and actively discourage drink spiking in their bar.

Their owner, Tom Hughes is keen to ensure his patrons get to drink safely and that his Inn is a place to enjoy without the worry of being spiked.

Bridgnorth is a beautiful market town separated by the River Severn, full of history and amazing old bars, pubs and inns. Recently, there have been reports across Bridgnorth (they are not alone! A lot of towns and cities have this problem) that many people are having their drinks spiked.

Just last week a friend of SeekerDNA's Retail Director, had her drink spiked in a bar in Nottingham. She was very ill with seizures and the suspected drug was Ketamine. Our SeekerDNA Test Your Drink cards test for this among others. Thankfully she is better now physically, but it has left her feeling very vulnerable and she can't talk about it.

So please, bars, pubs and inns, take note of this corporate, social responsibility that Tom and his Inn in Bridgnorth have done, make yours a safe place to drink. If you are interested in being a #spikesavvybar get in touch!

Everyone else, carry yours in your phone case, purse or wallet and make sure you don't leave your drink unattended and if you do - test it before you drink it! #bespikesavvy