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Terrible life changing effects of having your drink spiked revealed in this video!

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Advice and Tips on Personal Safety

Want to feel a bit safer at home, walking or in halls?

Try our SeekerDNA Personal Defence Spray. There are two videos, one that dramatises what can happen and DOES happen to both men and women, and the other  video explains what it is and incorporates some brief tips on how to use it.

Because NO MEANS NO and when you have to use it you can be sure that the unique synthetic DNA strand and UV spray will mark your assailant. The alarm is loud enough to distract them long enough for you to get away.


I was attacked in halls of residence by someone I knew. I couldn't prove to the police that he sexually assaulted me. I found your product off Facebook and now I have the Defence Spray by my bed ready to use.

Jane S, Wiltshire

My garage got broken into and they stole my bikes and my tools. After talking to my neighbour, I marked the new stuff with the DNA glue and displayed the stickers. The police told me that they might have been able to return anything they received had they been marked. The stickers themselves seem to deter the scumbags. I've told all my neighbours too! Thanks SeekerDNA.

Clive, Nottingham

My friend was raped after having her drink spiked by the barman in Spain and I had mine spiked while out with friends in the UK. You think that it would never happen to you, but it does! The hospital thought I was drunk and I'd only had one drink. I will ALWAYS carry a test your drink strip with me now, that way I can prove to police and hospital I had my drink spiked! Thank you SeekerDNA.

Vicky, Derby

Welcome to SeekerDNA UK

Why come to us?

At SeekerDNA we care about providing a means to prevent and deter personal attacks and theft. All of our products have been developed and designed to protect the vulnerable and your valuables.

We want to empower everyone to be able to feel safe, know that their property will be reunited with them if recovered and - most of all - to feel that you and your loved ones have an opportunity to do something about the issues facing modern society that could affect them.

Attacks on students and the vulnerable have gone up in recent years, however more than three quarters of these attacks are not reported. So you could say that the reported ones are just the tip of the iceberg.

Why are we telling you this? Well, we are sure that we have the solution to some of these issues and we are constantly looking to expand our product ranges.

All of our products can be purchased in one value pack - our SeekerDNA Student Protection Kit. It might say student on it, but all groups of people and walks of life can use it.  So what's in it?

We have a product to designed to detect if your drink has been spiked, our SeekerDNA Test Your Drink,  and a product in the form of an alarm and spray, our SeekerDNA Personal Attack Spray to put your attacker at the scene of the crime. Did you know that more than 75 percent of assaults are committed by people you know? The spray identifies them with a unique synthetic DNA strand, registered to you alone and has a UV marker that fluoresces under UV light, proving that they are undoubtedly your attacker in a police investigation.

Did you also know that the police find it extremely difficult to reunite us with our property because they don't know it's ours? So! We have our SeekerDNA Asset Marking Kit, which also has a unique synthetic DNA strand and UV marker in a glue that can be applied to pretty much anything you own to mark as YOURS. IF stolen, it can be recovered to you. We even have a free secure database, on which you can upload your possession details, serial numbers etc and there is no repeat subscription needed. Visit our SHOP now for payment and product details.

Don't forget to check out our news blogs for safety tips and useful information.

Prevent and Protect - Drink Spiking is on the increase!

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SeekerDNA Test Your Drink

How to use your SeekerDNA Test Your Drink

SeekerDNA Personal Defence Spray

Tips and advice about our SeekerDNA Personal Defence Spray

SeekerDNA Asset Marking Kit

Mark your property as yours and get it returned to you!

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